Forecast accuracy

Indicio packages the latest quantitative models together with an advanced system to process qualitative information in a user-friendly platform. This equips the user with a vast variety of methodological options, without demanding the extensive knowledge traditionally required to implement them.

Due to the range of models implementable through Indicio, the organization can easily adapt to new situations and scenarios without the need for acquiring new inhouse competence. This functionality can further be used in order to assess the value of advice from external partners as the cases easily can be duplicated using the platform. This way, users of Indicio can base their decisions on accuracy rather than the legitimacy of external advisors.

Aligning the organization

By creating an environment where the forecast is collaboratively generated, it is more likely that substantial adjustments by the end user can be avoided. This has several positive implications, both when it comes to forecast accuracy and when it comes to the organization's willingness to act on the basis of the forecast. It is important to remember that it is first when economic decisions are taken on the basis of the forecast that an economic value is generated.

So how does a collaboratively generated forecast enhance accuracy and the willingness to act on the basis of the forecast?

By providing feedback on all actions made by both forecaster and reviewer, the organization could be aligned towards one forecast. The risk of personal opinions biasing the forecast is reduced as all parties will recieve absolute feedback on the impact of their actions. This way, the risk of conflicts is reduced, and the organization can align behind one forecast.

By basing the forecast on actual relationships instead of personal opinions, the forecast accuracy of the organization improves. As the organization aligns within the same structure, the willingness to take economic decisions based on the forecast will increase. By combining increased forecast accuracy with an increased tendency to take economic decisions based on the forecast, the economic results will be substantial.

Access the world of data

Indicio's database gives access to vast amounts of integrated data from the world's leading data suppliers. This takes away the time-consuming task of manually importing the data required from external data suppliers when constructing a forecast. The large volumes of data accessible through the database further provides the user with great flexibility, enabling the forecaster to try out and apply models without being limited by data accessibility.

In addition to the free data available, the user has the chance of trying out data from various providers before selecting subscriptions that suits that organizational needs in a cost-efficient manner. In order to increase the flexibility of the service provided, users are also able to purchase data by series from the more expensive datasuppliers.

Continuous improvements

Through continuous feedback, the user can evolve in all parts of their work. Indicio will follow up and analyze the user's decisions, deviations in accuracy and the choice of information added, in order to provide continuous feedback that enhances improvements and understanding. Through this direct feedback, the forecaster will get access to a very responsive and fast feedbacksystem where they easily can evaluate new qualitative information, indicators and his/her own historical performance.

Our goal is not to replace the forecaster with a crystal ball, but rather to provide a tool that enhances the skills of the forecaster while facilitating the interaction between different stakeholders. As the actions of all parties involved in generating a forecast are followed up and analyzed, the improvements occur within all parts throughout the forecastprocess. This results in a situation where the organization as a whole, and not only the forecaster herself, can enhance forecast performance.