With the aim of changing your expectations


Everything started in 2013 when we reviewed the metal price forecasting process at an industrial firm. We benchmarked their historical forecast accuracy towards the top 10 international banks, which publically released forecasts on a monthly basis. At the end of the project, we included a time series model. The result was astonishing; the time series model outperformed all of them. A lot of questions emerged, which we brought along to our master thesis “Forecasting commodities: - A study of methods, interests and perception” where we interviewed forecasters in the industry and banking sector, with the aim of understanding where the accuracy deviations originated from.

With this information in mind, we built Indicio.


We built Indicio, the first forecasting platform on the market to address the needs of guided analytics.
A platform designed after the customers.


We make forecasts upon requests by applying our efficient Indicio algorithms. Digital or printed, always benchmarked towards the best practitioners.


We can support you with advice and hands-on help to manage your risk and to better understand driving factors.


Together we link statistics with technology to a beautiful experience.

David FagersandMSc ManagementBSc Logistics

Frans Andersen MSc ManagementBSc Industrial Economics

Daniel Schiess
MSc Engineering Physics

Niclas Lindstedt
BSc Information Systems

Weiwei Feng MSc StatisticsMSc Artificial Intelligence

Alan Kinene MSc Statistics

Crille Lampa Hyper Island

Advisory board

Sune Karlsson Professor Statistics

Christoffer Ahlén Business Developer

Katarina Chowra Digital Marketing

Martin Ahlquist Financial Editor

Magnus Ericsson Professor Economics